Membership has its benefits!
Membership in the Des Moines Metro Pickleball Club (DMMPC) means you will have access to “members only” content. While some of the DMMPC website content is publicly accessible, the following items are available only to paying members.
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Benefits of a DMMPC Membership

DMMPC Membership Benefits:

Access to and participation in all club activities:

  • Training at all levels
  • Reduced tournament fees
  • Play with others of similar abilities w/o compromising recreational play; e.g. round robin and expanded league play
  • Improved communication among members
  • Member-only play times
  • Social events
  • Annual membership meetings
  • Access to our membership directory
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Merchandise at a discount to members
  • Meeting a wide range of people to play this great sport of pickleball

Your membership dues support the mission and vision of DMMPC:

  • Being a unified voice to approach municipalities/city governments about the need for pickleball facilities
  • Providing expertise and guidance in planning and development of pickleball facilities
  • Improvements to parks with pickleball courts throughout our city and surrounding region
  • Expanding public awareness by visiting schools, senior centers, and local events

Before you access the application and join the fun, here is what you need to know:

Biennial Membership
  • Cost is $50.00 per person for 2 years, effective October 1, 2023
  • Membership is for two years and expires on the same month and day your membership was effective. DMMPC sends email reminders of renewal date for your convenience.
Methods to Join DMMPC
1. Electronic: Follow the ‘Join the club!’ steps below. Optional: Review the ‘Join the club!’ process screen shots first – Click Here
2. Paper & Check: Print off paperwork packet and follow the instructions found on the membership form.
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Login if you already have an account. Otherwise, follow the ‘Join the club!’ steps to register an account.

Member Login

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You will be guided through the following steps. This page will determine your ‘Join’ progress and present a button or instructions for each step.
[Before you begin, please click -here- for email address information]

Steps to join…

  1. Register a starter (free) account on our website. You will be asked to accept our terms of use and privacy policy. A confirmation e-mail message with a link to set your password will be sent to the e-mail address you enter on the registration form. [Click -here- for password tip]
  2. Login, after successfully registering your starter (free) account and setting your password. You will automatically come back to this Membership page.
  3. Complete our waiver each time this button is presented to you, including renewals.
  4. Pay through PayPal to upgrade your starter (free) account to a membership account. Pay with either PayPal Account (not required) or a Debit/Credit card.

1. Register

After you pay, member’s only content will be available to you.
Please keep your member account profile current/updated.