Welcome to the Des Moines Metro Pickleball Club (DMMPC) website!

We are dedicated players enthusiastic about the club’s mission to facilitate the growth of our sport here in central Iowa.  We see pickleball as a unique sport because it is fast paced but fun and safe for players from 8 to 80.  The compact-sized court (1/3 of a tennis court) allows for 4 to 8 courts to be co-located in a modest sized court complex or gymnasium.  With 4 players on a court, it is common to have 32 to 64 players gathered in one place, moving on and off the courts as each game ends, after about 15 minutes. Over the course of 2 hours, a player might play 4 to 5 games with or against a dozen different people, some old friends, some new friends.  

This aspect of gathering together for play and comradery is special. The type of play, recreational or competitive, can be organized in a dozen different ways, but the one constant is the welcoming, friendly, supportive attitude of our players. Inevitably this environment leads to social networking and social events well beyond the game itself.  Every community benefits from this type of engagement that brings people together with the simple promise of exercise, friendly competition and fun. 

I invite you to join our club and be a part of the great opportunities available in the Des Moines Metro and surrounding area. I hope you enjoy our website, share it with your friends, and come back often!

Chuck Golliher, President

Des Moines Metro Pickleball Club . P.O. Box 65223 . West Des Moines. IA . 50265