Paddletek Paddle Reviews

DMMPC was given the privilege by Pickleball Central of reviewing a new paddle by Paddletek, the Genesis.  Several players have tried it out each using it for several games and here are their thoughts. For specific information about this paddle, go to  (

I played with a new Paddletek Genesis paddle today.  The grip on the handle felt very comfortable and gave me a feeling of control.  I liked the weight of the paddle and didn't feel any loss of power whether I centered the ball or hit off-center shots.  Dinks and overhead shots gave me a feeling of confidence and directional control.  I feel as though this paddle will work well for a variety of skill levels, I currently play with a Paddletek paddle but appreciate Pickleball Central providing this paddle to our club for me and others to try.

Bill Stalter
USAPA Ambassador
Urbandale, Iowa
From Diane Bonnstetter:
Paddletek Genesis
I have been perfectly happy with the pickleball paddle that I have been using, so I was a little nonchalant when asked to use the Genesis to see what I thought, but I was extremely surprised at how much I liked it. I have arthritis in my thumb joints so the weight and grip of any paddle I use is really important to me. Too heavy and my hand gets fatigued and sore quickly. Too long and thick of a grip and it’s hard for me to hang onto it well for very long, especially when hitting hard balls and games that go on and on. But I couldn’t have been happier!
The paddle felt very light, and in my hand, was evenly balanced. Even though the grip is longer than what I’m used to, it gave me no trouble at all and was very comfortable in my hand. In playing the game, I truly felt there was a definite difference in how the ball played off the paddle. My dink shots seemed more precise and effortless, which cut down on the too high pop ups. When hitting a slam shot or a shot I wanted some spin on, the ball reacted very well off the paddle and did not seem to slip on the surface at all. Even in the fast volleying, the ball moved off the paddle with control. In my opinion, a player that prefers the soft game would be very satisfied with how this paddle performs, as well as the player that likes the quicker, harder hitting game. And of course, the player that incorporates both would be pleased as well.
What I personally liked the most, was the feel of the paddle in my hand. It just seemed to be an extension of my arm that felt right. If I could request one thing though. I like a paddle that doesn’t just stand out with great play, but one that has bright color that gets the attention of others and that I can spot as being mine quickly. . . . like pink, maybe!
This review is from Jeanie Golliher:
  Thank you to Pickleball Central for providing the new Paddletek paddle for our review. I used the Genesis paddle for several games on the morning of Wednesday, November 20. The longer I played with it, the more I liked it! At first, I was surprised that it “sounded different” but soon I realized that it is my usual paddle which “sounds different.” The paddle was a comfortable fit for my hand which is probably a bit larger than many women’s hands. I felt very secure with the grip as well. This paddle is a bit heavier than the one I usually use, but I felt it was well balanced and easy to use. I am not a strong hitter, but I felt that this paddle gave me more power. At the same time, it seemed like the Genesis offered good control.
One of the things I liked best about the new Paddletek was how the ball just “popped” off of the face. I enjoyed using it to block fast paced drives. At the same time, it seemed to be a good paddle for the dink game. I think this new Paddletek would be a beneficial purchase for about any player who has a bit larger grip and likes a heavier paddle. It seemed to be a good choice for all shots...dinks, serves, volleys, and smashes because of its comfortable fit and good balance.
I like the color of the Genesis we were sent but plan to see what other colors are available! Jean Golliher
And from Angie Edmonson, a 3.5 level player:
This paddle is a little lighter than my most recent paddle, however, the pop at the no volley line was excellent.  Thus the control for placement shots and driving shots was a pleasant surprise.  The paddle provided nice zing for block shots while offering a super drop control from middle and back court.  The Genesis weight was nice for the hard passing shot and I like the weight distribution for the over head smash.  The grip material is nice and tacky for a range of hand tension on the hard and soft shots.  The surface technology is fantastic for straight on contact and performed well for a low spin at the net.  I like the color scheme and would recommend this paddle for all types of players.  Well done Paddletek!
Angela E
3.5 player
Finally, comments from Chuck Golliher:

I’ve been playing pickleball for close to 4 years. I have 6 different paddles from 4 different manufacturers including the first paddle I used to learn the game!  These vary in weight and type. When Pickleball Central offered a chance to test the Paddletek Genesis (go to to see it) I jumped at the opportunity. I have used this paddle for various games over the last several days (I try to play every day) switching from the Genesis to other paddles in my bag to see if I could tell a difference.  I tend to prefer a lighter paddle for better control as I can generate my own power when it is appropriate to do so. This paddle fit the bill well. It is ready to play right out of the wrapper! I found that the ball seemed to pop off the surface so I could lighten my grip and hit softer for better ball placement. But when a hard smash was called for, the resiliency of this paddle seemed to increase ball speed. I tend to grip most paddles fairly hard (about a 7-8 on a scale of 10) but found a lighter grip with this paddle allowed better, softer shots. The Genesis paddle helped me make better soft shots because the ball popped off the surface without putting a lot of force behind it so the soft shots became easier to make. I think this would be a good paddle for someone who has sufficient strength to generate power but wants to have better control with the soft shots. I had better success with third shot drops, for example, than with other paddles in my bag. I should also mention I used the paddle with a couple different ball types, i.e. a softer indoor ball and a harder indoor ball. I found the performance of the paddle to be consistent across these two ball types. With both ball types, the soft shots were easier to make. Overall, I found this to be a high quality paddle carrying a very reasonable price tag. 

Chuck Golliher

USAPA Ambassador