Pickleball Information and Videos

We get questions frequently about where to look for pickleball videos and training information. Here are a few suggestions.

Pickleballchannel.com is probably the most noteworthy place to look for training and competition videos. Pickleball 411 on that site are short, instructional videos. You can subscribe for free to receive weekly emails with normally interesting materials.

Pickleballcentral.com sells a lot of pickleball items including paddles, balls, net systems, paddle covers, etc. If you purchase from them, use the DMMPC’s discount code CRDMMP to receive 5% off of your purchase. If you scroll to the bottom of their website’s first page, you will see a heading titled Resources. There is information there about training, videos, etc. You can also subscribe for free to receive periodic email offers and video links.

Thirdshotsports.com is a commercial entity that also offers merchandise, clinics, etc. You can subscribe to its newsletter for free and receive periodic emails with pickleball tips. The owner often offers a fresh view on some hard line pickleball principles.

Finally USAPA.org is one of the governing bodies for pickleball in the US. There is some information on its website but to drill down further, you have to become a member at $20 per year.

If anyone runs across other beneficial pickleball websites, we would like to hear from you.  Thanks!