Training Session With Courage League Sports

As part of DMMPC's program to reach out to the surrounding community, Bill Stalter and Chuck Golliher met with the Courage League Sports staff today at its Urbandale facility to provide them with a very basic understanding of pickleball. After taping off a court, the trainers discussed basic rules, game strategy and the 4 ‘Ds.’ Practice drills started which included dinking, serving, serve returns and third shot drop. Six staff member were present allowing for individual instruction as needed.

Near the end of the allotted time, the staff played a practice game so Chuck and Bill could demonstrate the skills practiced in a game setting and to allow a better explanation of scoring. The group appreciated the assistance as they move down a path to incorporate pickleball into their program. Courage League Sports believes Everyone Deserves to Play!

Courage League staff with DMMPC board member Chuck Golliher.