Avoid Injuries With Proper Warm Up Routine

Many players' warm up routines consist of dinking the ball back and forth a few times and that's it. Let's play! Well, it simply is not enough to get your body ready to play at its best and to avoid injuries. Here is some good advice on how and why to put more effort into your pregame preparations.

Off the Court: Whether you play indoor or outdoor pickleball, these warm up suggestions are a good idea to help you play better and keep injuries away. Loosen up your body, get your heart rate up, do stretches and practice balance exercises are all good ideas. Give them a try and see what you think! Click here.

On the Court: Click here to watch a video about a great warm up routine once you are out on the court.

If you live in the chilly (freezing) Midwestern U.S., your body will thank you!