DMMPC Launches Website

Have you heard rumors that a new pickleball club is being formed? Well, they're true! After months of hard work, (including that of a dedicated website designer), board members of the Des Moines Pickleball Club (DMMPC) are pleased to announce the official launch of DMMPC as well as the website,

The club’s mission is short and bold: DMMPC is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization striving to facilitate the growth of pickleball in our area of central Iowa. With one voice, the club works with local municipalities in planning for the needs of our growing and diverse player community.

The DMMPC website, designed to provide the best experience possible, is easy to navigate and contains up-to-date information about available lessons, places to play, current events, membership and lots more.

DMMPC board members encourage players of all levels and ages to visit the website and check out member benefits. They believe the greatest benefit of all is participating in the club’s vision to develop Des Moines and surrounding areas into great places to enjoy playing pickleball any time of the year!