DMMPC Members Only Mixer

The first DMMPC Members Only Mixer was completed on Sunday, November 4 at the Valley Community Center. There were 12 participants in the > 3.0 skill level and 24 in the < 3.0 skill level. Each person played 6 games with randomly assigned partners against opposing teams that were also randomly assigned. A 7th game was played with pairings based on total scores during the first 6 games. Everyone seemed to enjoy the action packed afternoon. When the smoke cleared, Bob Farber took top honors with Scott Houston taking second in the > 3.0 skill level.

In the < 3.0 category, Sue Kimball captured first with Diane Bonnstetter close behind.

Here are a couple more photos capturing the action and rest periods.

DMMPC hopes to sponsor another event in a couple months. Watch your email for the announcement!