Fairfield PB Tournament Registration Closing

January 14th, the last day to register for this year's Regional Tournament
The last day of registration for the 2018 2nd Annual S.E. Regional Tournament is Jan. 14th, this Monday coming.
Please hurry and register if you haven't done so yet.
Don't worry about having your partner information exact - your partner will need to register as well.
Payment is by CC, PayPal (online) or checks (at the door)
There are over 60 people signed up as of this morning and we were hoping for closer to 100. Last year we had 80  signed up.
Encourage your friends to sign up!
The link is:
If you need help registering in the tournament call Ron at 919-0939 - if it's for the clinic, you will have to contact Mark Renneson's office.

Also, if you would like to offer your time to volunteer to make the tournament a great success, please let me know,

Enjoy the new courts,
Fairfield Pickleball Club